A surprise ending! After four seasons, Netflix’s fan-favorite series Never Have I Ever came to an end in June 2023. After years of the Team Paxton (Darren Barnet) and Team Ben (Jaren Lewison) debate, it’s revealed who Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) ultimately ends up with.

Keep reading to find out how Never Have I Ever ended, get spoilers and more. 

How Did ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 End?

After a whirlwind high school experience, Devi and her friends finally graduated from Sherman Oaks High School. She was the valedictorian at her graduation, and received her acceptance letter to Princeton. All was right in the world for the teen.

“I just wanted her to be proud of herself. I think at the end of the series, she gets to that point,” Maitreyi told The Hollywood Reporter in June 2023 of Devi’s ending. “I feel like every person deserves to have that moment of feeling truly, truly in love with themselves in a healthy way, so that’s what I wanted for Devi.”

Did Devi End Up With Paxton or Ben?

Devi ended up with Ben.

Never Have I Ever Ending
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“I do have my preferences. I am definitely Team Ben, so I’m happy with what the writers chose,” the actress shared during the same Hollywood Reporter interview. “I’m happy for the two of them. Devi did find love. And that’s always fun. I was of course, for like the past year, always like, ‘Devi should end up with no one.’ But, hey, Devi, should live a little and why not, with your academic enemy turned rival turned friend back to enemy turned friend lover? They just had such a lovely roller coaster ride. It’s so satisfying to see them come together. So, I think that’s pretty great. Also, they’re both the same kind of crazy, so that works.”

Jaren, for his part, credits Ben and Devi’s “magnetism” for why they ended up together.

What Happened Between Devi and Paxton?

Paxton dropped out of college and returned to his alma mater to become the swim team coach. While they did share a kiss during the season, he and Devi did not go the distance.

“There’s definitely love there. I’d say more platonic than not, but having a romantic history with anyone is never the most simple thing to deal with when you’re trying to maintain a friendship,” Darren told THR about his character and Devi. “I think there’s always gonna be that mutual love and respect.”

Maitreyi added, “Devi and Paxton end on a beautiful, beautiful note of friendship. And I am always team platonic relationships are just as important as romantic. They end on such a beautiful friendship, and they’re so grateful for one another.”

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