Who will Devi end up with in the end? The Never Have I Ever stars joke during an exclusive interview with J-14 that picking between Team Paxton and Team Ben “always seems like a trap.”

“I’m just gonna say I am Team Devi, because I am. I always want her to be happy,” Darren Barnet, who plays Paxton, says ahead of the show’s third season premiere. “But, I’m getting more into saying and honest answer as best I can. I think I’m kind of split between Ben and Paxon because there’s so many things that work with Ben. They’re so much alike. They’re so challenging to each other, but they drive each other nuts. I feel like they’d always try to be trying to be one-upping each other. Paxton and Devi are kind of complete opposites other than having a good-natured heart. So, either way, I think could be a good thing.”

Jaren Lewison, who plays Ben, tells J-14 that he’s been told his answer is “a very Ben answer,” explaining that he likes “to split it up into little parts” when choosing sides.

“I give 70 percent to Team Ben because I’m biased. I give 20 percent to Team Paxton because I think he’s super cool and I love Darren,” the Netflix star shares, saying that his remaining 10 percent goes to Team Devi.

Never Have I Ever Exclusive
Courtesy of Netflix

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, who plays Devi, makes it clear that she thinks Devi is worth way more than 10 percent of Jaren’s love.

“Obviously, I am Team Devi. The best team, the only team, and the only team worth talking about is Team Devi,” she gushed. However, Darren jokes that he knows her “real answer.”

Maitreyi’s onscreen besties, Ramona Young (Eleanor), Lee Rodriguez (Fabiola) and Megan Suri (Aneesa) also weigh in on their respective teams.

“We were just discussing earlier about how confused and all over the place we are,” Ramona admits. “So, for me personally, I was Team Ben season 1 — no, no, no! See how confused I am. I was Team Devi season 1, Team Paxton season 2 and now, for season 3, I think I’m Team Ben.”

Lee adds. “Well, season 1 Team Ben, season 2 Team Paxton. Season 3… beginning of season 3, Team Paxton. End of season 3. Team Ben.”

Megan makes it clear that she’s Team Devi for “all seasons,” but when it comes to the boys she’s “first season Team Devi, second season Team Paxton towards the end and season three Team Ben because Aneesa doesn’t want him anymore, so you can have him Devi.”

The third season of Never Have I Ever premieres via Netflix on Friday, August 12.

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