IVE continues to reach for the stars, but they don’t have to stretch that far! No, seriously, the girls aren’t just “super rookies” as a newly debuted K-pop girl group, but they’re also super tall! Keep reading to uncover each member of IVE’s heights.

ICYMI, IVE officially debuted on December 1, 2021 with the single album “ELEVEN,” which immediately became a smash hit overnight. Two members of the group, Yujin and Wonyoung, were both members of former girl group IZ*ONE, which created an already large following for IVE upon debut. Along with Yujin and Wonyoung, the group includes members Rei, LeeseoGaeul and Liz.

The name of the group is the contraction of the words “I have,” based on the concept of showing what “I have” to the audience with confidence.

“IVE, our music and our overall style, puts emphasis on being confident and bold,” Gaeul explained to Forbes in October 2022.. “I think that our listeners learn from that, I guess, kind of take in the music and actually apply it to their lives. IVE’s ultimate strength is to influence those kinds of people in a positive way.”

Since their debut, all of the members of IVE have made a name for themselves with their “chic and modern style,” as Wonyoung describes it to Teen Vogue, with a bite.

“I think our confidence is the strength of our group,” Yujin told the outlet. “These days, there are lots of awesome groups that have debuted right after us, and we’re really happy in enjoying it because they motivate us to make more, greater performances.”

She added that receiving labels such as “global super rookie group” is an honor for the sixtet. “We love to hear that,” she gushed. Wonyoung added, “We are really going to try hard so that no one can deny that label for us.”

On top of all of their numerous no. 1’s on Billboard charts, and breaking K-pop records left and right, the girls signed signed with Columbia Records in May 2023.

“We’re really honored,” Wonyoung told Billboard of the exciting news. “First, we are really excited to work with another label and with other places like Columbia. We are, right now, really excited, and we’re really looking forward to that right now. For the start with Columbia, we really want to reach out to global fans all over the world. We are, right now, preparing a lot for our global fans.”

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