How To Train Your Dragon is joining the list of animated movies getting its own live-action remake! Keep reading for everything we know about the upcoming Universal film.

Who Is Starring In ‘How to Train Your Dragon’? Cast Details

So far, the cast includes Mason Thames as Hiccup, with The Last of Us actress Nico Parker playing Astrid. Gerad Butler will reprise his role as Stoick, Hiccup’s father.

What Is ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ About?

How To Train Your Dragon is based off the three DreamWorks animated films of the same name, originally written as a book series by Cressida Cowell. The story follows the friendship between a young and feeble Viking boy named Hiccup and Toothless, an injured dragon he decides to nurse back to health, although his fellow Vikings hunt dragons for sport.

The author’s original saga has a total of 12 books, so there’s a lot of source material that the movie can expand upon. In fact, DreamWorks already produced a spinoff for the series in the form of a TV show, which was followed by two other series in 2019 and 2021.

The dragon-filled film will be directed by Dean DeBlois, who also directed and wrote the original

animated films. It is being produced by three-time Oscar nominee Marc Platt and Adam Siegel via Marc Platt Productions.

The director spoke about how he originally came up with the idea of writing three movies for the franchise during an interview with Animation Scoop in 2019.

“So, I pitched back the idea that we should do a three-act coming-of-age in three different installments,” he explained. “We could skip time and meet Hiccup at different crossroads in his life, but they would all be unified in this one journey of kind of a misfit ne’er-do-well who eventually becomes the wise, selfless Viking chief. And in the process, he has to say goodbye to the dragons. That, as an architecture, was bought off on. So I could continue to advance Hiccup’s story and the development of the characters with a sense of an end goal in mind.”

In the original animated films, with the first being released in 2010, Jay Baruchel voiced Hiccup, while Astrid was voiced by America Ferrera.

When Will ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Remake Be Released?

Universal has slated the release date of the live-action remake for March 14, 2025.

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