They’re working together! Carly (played by Miranda Cosgrove) and Millicent (played by Jaidyn Triplett) are conspiring to get Freddie (played by Nathan Kress) and his ex back together in the new episode of iCarly, and J-14 has an exclusive first look.

Set to premiere via the Paramount+ streaming service on Thursday, July 22, the episode, titled “iLove Gwen,” introduces Millicent’s mom to viewers. In our clip, the teen heads over to Carly’s apartment looking for her mother before the two get into a discussion about trying to repair Freddie’s love life.

“Hey, when you guys chat, does she ever mention any divorced person she’s romantically interested in?” Millicent asks. Carly responds, “You mean Freddie? Why do you ask?”

Carly and Millicent Conspire to Get Freddie and His Ex Back Together in 'iCarly' ClipLisa Rose/Para
Lisa Rose/Paramount+

Millicent goes on to explain that she “overheard him talking about how much he misses my mom.” After a minor back and forth between the two girls, Millicent wonders if Freddie and her mom “want to get back together.”

“Who cares,” she adds. “I’m getting them back together whether they want to or not!”

At first, Carly tells Millicent they “shouldn’t interfere” in the relationship, but eventually agrees to try and get the couple back together.

Be sure to watch the video above, and find out what happens between Freddie and Millicent’s mom when the new episode of iCarly premieres on Paramount+ on Thursday, July 22. 

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