She’s stealing the show! Laci Mosley made fans LOL as Carly Shay’s roommate and BFF Harper when the iCarly reboot premiered in June 2021.

In the show — a reimagined and grown-up version of the fan-favorite Nickelodeon series that ran from 2007 to 2012 — Harper is a self-proclaimed fashionista working at a Seattle coffee shop after her family lost all their money. She’s a member of the LGBTQ+ community and is constantly joining her bestie in new hilarious schemes.

“That wasn’t a question I was asked when I tested for the pilot,” Laci told Entertainment Weekly in June 2021 about her character. “It just happened to be a coincidence that they hired a bisexual woman to play a bisexual woman, which they were all elated about.”

An actress with a sketch comedy background, Laci is able to be funny on the fly, which is why her character’s “fun jokes about how she used to be rich” land so well with viewers. A lot of them Laci even wrote herself! While chatting with EW, the Insecure star referred to her character as a “messy queen” who is “adjusting to life as a ‘regular.'”

Before nabbing her role on the highly anticipated reboot series, Laci made her acting debut in the 2019 show Florida Girls. Since then, she’s showcased her comedic skills on multiple TV shows. But when it came time to step on to the iCarly set, the star felt welcomed immediately.

The actress told EW that she knew she “belonged the first day, which was a wonderful surprise.”

Miranda [Cosgrove]‘s fantastic. Jerry [Trainor]‘s amazing. He gives me dating advice. Nathan [Kress]‘s super-cool. Jaidyn [Triplett] is really sweet,” she shared. “So the transition didn’t feel awkward or weird.”

In fact, Laci was actually a huge fan of the show before making her mark on the same sets years later.

“Doing the show is really surreal because I grew up as the same age as these characters,” the podcast host shared while talking with Interview Magazine in June 2021. “So, I basically get to walk into a living museum of my childhood. I watched the show growing up, and now, I get to walk back into some of the original sets and see the original set pieces, like the jukebox.”

Aside from living out her childhood dream of being on the show, Laci told the publication that she loved getting to play “a natural, real-life human being.”

“I think that Harper’s character adds a lot of fun and an adult millennial perspective,” the actress told Interview. “She used to be rich, but now she’s poor. She went to college and now she has debt and is unemployed. So, I think that she adds a lot of the millennial perspective.”

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