The more you know! TikTok star Mads Lewis is actually a triplet. The internet star is known for having millions of followers online and her role on Chicken Girls, but did you know about her siblings? Keep reading for more details on Mads’ family life.

Does Mads Lewis Have Siblings?

Yes, the Arizona native and her two siblings — Riley and Dakota Lewis — are triplets who were born on December 24, 2002. When it comes to their birth order, Riley came first, then Dakota and Mads last.

“I am the oldest triplet, and when my siblings and I take a picture together, we always have to take a picture in birth order,” Riley shared in a YouTube video from February 2018.

Just like Mads, her brother and sister have also become well-known internet stars over the years. While the three are rarely seen on each other’s social media pages, Mads did gush over her siblings in an interview with Everly Magazine in 2018.

“Best thing is having built-in, forever friends,” she shared at the time. “Worst is fighting over stupid things.”

When celebrating the holiday season in 2022, Mads shared a TikTok video with her two siblings. “We, in fact, are triplets,” she captioned the clip.

Who Is Riley Lewis?

Mads’ sister was also a Chicken Girls star. She played the role of Quinn on the internet series from 2017 to 2021 and even reprised her role in 2022 for Chicken Girls: College Years. Over the years, Riley racked up over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. However, she hasn’t posted a new video since 2019.

Is Mads Lewis a Triplet? Meet the Influencer's Siblings Riley and Dakota Lewis
Riley Lewis/Instagram

Mads’ most recent appearance on Riley’s TikTok page was in February 2022.

“I promise I’m not gonna tell anyone,” Riley captioned the post, before panning the camera over to her sister who smiled at the camera and nodded.

Who Is Dakota Lewis?

Just like his sisters, Dakota has also racked up a pretty impressive following online. While he wasn’t bitten by the acting bug like Mads and Riley, he did appear in Jules LeBlanc‘s “Ordinary Girl” music video in 2017.

Is Mads Lewis a Triplet? Meet the Influencer's Siblings Riley and Dakota Lewis
Dakota Lewis/Instagram

However, he does frequently post dance video on TikTok, which sometimes feature Mads.

“Before you ask WHY Riley isn’t in it, she doesn’t do them,” he captioned one video from April 2020. Later that same month, Riley did make an appearance. “Got her to do one haha!!” he captioned that video.

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