Park Seo Joon is one of the most famous men in South Korea, period. The Korean actor is set to star in the upcoming 2023 Marvel movie, The Marvels, as the character Yan D’ Aladna. Since his rise to fame, the up-and-coming star has been at the center of several dating rumors. Keep reading to see details on Park Seo Joon’s love life, if he’s single right now and his most recent dating rumor.

Is Park Seo Joon Single?

The Marvel actor is extremely private about his dating life, so it’s unclear if he’s in a relationship right now.

Is Park Seo Joon Dating YouTuber Xooos?

Romance rumors between Park Seo Joon and South Korean YouTuber Xooos first broke after South Korean news outlet JTBC Entertainment News reported that they were dating in June 2023.

During a conference for Park Seo Joon’s upcoming film Concrete Utopia, the actor addressed dating rumors just one day after they hit the web.

“I am currently busy filming a new project, so I received word of the news a little late. I realized that I am receiving much attention from the public,” he began. “While I’m grateful for the attention of the public, I do feel discomfort about revealing my private life. I’m afraid it is difficult for me to comment on this matter, which involves my private life. Please direct your attention to Concrete Utopia.”

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Who Is Park Seo Joon?

If you’ve ever watched a Korean drama (or K-drama) before, you *definitely* recognize Park Seo Joon. The actor has starred in Dream High, Kill Me, Heal Me, Hwarang, Fight for My Way, Be With You, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Itaewon Class, Record of Youth and so much more.

Park Seo Joon also starred in the South Korean blockbuster film, Parasite, which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2019.

The K-drama star has a ton of famous friends, one of them being BTS member, V. The two starred in Hwarang in 2016 together, where they formed an iconic friend group, which is now known as the “Wooga Squad.” Included in the friend group are other huge names in the South Korean entertainment world, including Parasite actor Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-sik and Peakboy.

Who Is Xooos?

Xooos, whose real name is Kim Soo-yeon, is a YouTuber with 1.54 million subscribers. She posts singing covers on YouTube, with her most viewed video being Charlie Puth‘s “Light Switch,” hitting 35 million views.

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