Jihyo is seriously *that girl*! The leader of TWICE is known for her stellar vocals, visual and her energetic performances on stage — and she finally made her solo debut in August 2023, much to the delight of her fans. The song, titled “Killin’ Me Good,” had fans wondering about Jihyo’s relationship status as the lyrics refer to her growing feelings for someone. Keep reading for details on Jihyo’s relationship status, ex-boyfriends and more. 

Is TWICE’S Jihyo Single?

It appears that Jihyo is currently single. Although, it’s possible that she could be in a private relationship.

ICYMI, dating “scandals” are so severe in South Korea that many K-pop companies like SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment often have dating bans on their K-pop stars. However, TWICE’s Sana revealed on an episode on Radio Star that their company, JYP Entertainment, never banned TWICE from having relationships.

Who Has TWICE’s Jihyo Dated?

Jihyo was actually the first member of TWICE to go public with a romantic relationship. In August 2019, it was revealed that the K-pop singer was dating fellow K-pop star Kang Daniel. According to Dispatch, the couple reportedly began dating in the beginning of the year.

However, just over a year later, the two broke up due to their busy schedules in November 2020, with Jihyo’s music label JYP Entertainment later confirming the news.

ICYMI, Jihyo made her solo debut on August 18, 2023, along with a 7-track album, marking the singer as the second TWICE member to go solo since the band debuted in 2015, with member Nayeon releasing her song “POP!” in June 2022.

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Six of the seven tracks credit Jihyo as a songwriter, composer or both — something she says was “very meaninful” during an interview with Vulture in August 2023. “The fact that I was able to personally shape the sound, make the music I want, and directly say what I want to say makes this album very meaningful to me.”

During her Vulture interview, Jihyo explained that she’s always been ready to go solo since debuting with TWICE.

“I actually believe that when you debut as a singer, you should already be prepared to go solo. There wasn’t really a specific moment. It’s more like, I had to become a person who would always be ready. As a result, I see all my years of training [she prepared for a decade] before debuting with TWICE in 2015 to be a huge strength.”

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