Staying strong. Jaden Hossler announced his decision to seek mental health treatment amid the “hardest time of my life” with a candid message to fans. 

“Let me be open and vulnerable with you all. Honestly, I really did not want to talk about this online, but I have realized that that is me holding onto my ego. Everyone wants to talk about their highlights (including myself), but real life is far more humbling,” the “Angels & Demons” singer, 22, shared via Instagram on Sunday, June 4. “This past year has been by far the hardest time of my life. I am not denying the highs that have come as well, but there have been countless and excruciating lows, and it’s all finally catching up to me.”

Jaden went on to say that after speaking with fans about “staying strong in a weak world” it was time that he put his “mental health first” and revealed his decision to “seek treatment to finally get my mental health to where it needs to be.”

The Texas native went on to say that his single, “Elevated Heartbreak,” is still set to release on Thursday, June 8, even while he’s “away” for a while.

“I need a mental reset. I want to renew my mind. I feel as if I have hit a wall where it is starting to affect the simplest and most basic parts of my life,” Jaden continued. “All I want in life is to create moments and music that heal and provide safety for people in a world that is so fake and so unsafe. But, in order to do that I need to make sure that I’m in the right state both physically and mentally, and right now I am not.”

Jaden Hossler Seeks Mental Health Treatment After 'Hardest Time of My Life'

The musician shared that he wanted to keep his followers “updated and not confused” about his forthcoming “absence” from social media.

“I want to inspire people to get the help they truly deserve,” he concluded. “I have let fear keep me from helping myself. You don’t have to wait until it’s ‘too late’ to get help because it never is. I am trusting my gut that this will put me in the best possible position to be who I want to be, feel how I want to feel and go where I want to go.”

Jaden’s announcement came weeks after he wrapped the I Hope This Never Ends Tour in April. When reflecting on the batch of shows, the “So What!” singer explained how much he has “grown” through being on the road.

“I love humans and the reflection of this tour is exactly that. I went through some of the hardest mental battles walking in the uncomfortable shoes that I had made for myself. As an artist, I have seen the potential I have in front of me,” he wrote, in part. “Surrounded by the best people someone can be around, I have seen first hand not only how music can save lives but how music changes peoples minds. Music changes peoples hearts. It continues to change mine. I am forever in debt to music.”

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