TikTok star Jaden Hossler is taking over the music industry one song at a time! The Sway House member took his social media career to the next level by working with some musical legends and creating a ton of catchy bops.

Releasing singles under the name JXDN, the singer and songwriter has opened up about his past struggles with some extremely meaningful songs. In August 2020, Jaden celebrated the release of “Pray,” and explained to Radio.com that it was “without a doubt the realest and most prominent song” that he’s ever released.

“I had a big moment in my life where I stopped worrying about the things I was really doing, per se, and really my heart behind everything. Now my heart sits in a place where I just love people,” Jaden said at the time, explaining what he wants fans to take from his music. “It’s important for us to be there for people, one-on-one or with a group, or in my case with millions of people watching my stuff. I just want people to understand that everyone goes through it, and we need to stop isolating people because either they’re struggling or they don’t know what to do. That’s not how you go about it. We’ve got to love people to change.”

The musican released his debut album, Tell Me About Tomorrow, in July 2021, and has already worked with some of the greats — including famed Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly, among others — and he has no plans to slow down soon!

“There’s a bunch of amazing debut tracks on there that are going to be world-shocking,” Jaden told Alternative Press magazine in June 2020 about his first-ever album. “Me and Travis really just wanted to take our time [for] each of the songs and listen to it and ask ourselves if the world was ready to hear it. And we’ve come to the answer that yes, they are ready to hear it.”

He added, “I need people to understand that music is so much more than just words on paper or words that you hear. It’s real life. I’m not making music hoping that I get [a] No. 1 hit. I’m making music so I can grind and be dedicated endlessly [and] to go on tour to show people around the world that they’re not alone.”

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