Everyone loves Anthony Reeves! Since his claim to TikTok fame, the internet star — known by his handle @luvanthony — has racked up over four million Instagram followers and more than 10 million TikTok followers.

Aside from posting lip-syncing and dance videos to the app, the influencer was known for being a part of the now-defunct Sway House squad alongside Blake Gray, Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, Kio CyrQuinton Griggs, Griffin Johnson, Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards.

“If you view Sway as a content collective that lives together and is with each other every day, then yes, it’s over,” the Sway House cofounder Michael Gruen explained to People in February 2021. “But Sway was always about a bigger message, and that will never die.”

While Anthony, for his part, is still friends with some of the influencers, he also has other interests than just TikTok. The internet personality is a budding fashion icon.

“I’d say my personal style comes from a lot of things. I look up to a lot of designers and models and how they style themselves. Also, growing up in Kentucky where I’m from, everyone wore boots, jeans, and a flannel,” he explained to Rain in May 2022. “I didn’t dress like that, so I was often made fun of for it. Instead of letting it bother me, it made me want to wear more outgoing things. Things that would make them hate me or my clothes. That’s why I don’t mind wearing dresses or a skirt, or a tiny see-through shirt. If anything, they made me more comfortable to wear anything!”

A confident king! While fans follow Anthony for his fashion, the influencer is also no stranger to getting hate from fellow internet users.

Like his fellow TikTok stars, Anthony has also seen some backlash from fans. In July 2020, he threw some major shade at One Direction and their fandom by complaining that his Twitter timeline was filled with posts about their 10-year anniversary. After a discussion with some 1D fans, he apologized and has steered clear of scandals since then.

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