Some One Direction fans are seriously not happy with Anthony Reeves! On Thursday, July 23, the TikTok star took to Twitter and threw some major shade at the boyband and their fandom by saying his entire Twitter timeline was filled with posts about their 10-year anniversary.

In a since-deleted tweet, the 18-year-old seemingly wrote, “Y’all can unfollow and hate. I’m going through s**t and all I’m seeing is One Direction. Cool.”

After he received some backlash from fans, the Sway House member explained his initial tweet and said that he “was trying to look for helpful comments or comments to cheer me up,” but was met with only tweets about the five-piece boyband.

“Never cared if I saw 1D on my timeline. Of course enjoy what you want and love. On the tweets I tweeted [though], I was really down and just looking for encouragement or help and all that was being commented was 1D. So, I was asking to stop with the comments about that,” Anthony wrote.

When a fan sent him a screenshot of the since-deleted post and pointed out that he “could have said it differently,” the social media star agreed and apologized

“I never really think about what i’m tweeting till after. Could’ve just said this [from] the start. I’m in the wrong, but again enjoy the 10 year, sorry about it all,” he wrote.

In a final apology post, Anthony responded to a fan who explained why they “came for” him in the comments.

“You also need to see our perspective in the situation and how this day meant so much to us, all the love, Directioners,” the follower said. He responded, “I fully understand now, again, I was in the wrong and should’ve worded it better [from] the start. It’s your day, so I’m not gonna say anything anymore about it. Enjoy the 10 year.”

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