TikTok star Larray is not holding back! The influencer — whose real name is Lawrence Merritt — dropped his diss track “Canceled” on Sunday, October 18, and called out so many of his follow internet stars. Some of which, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards, have since responded.

“We as creators that make fun of people and do that s–t, we need to be OK to take a joke,” Josh said in a YouTube video from October 21, before they both added, “F–k you, Larray.”

Josh continued, “If you’re a creator or if you’re a fan and you throw s–t at people, just expect it to come back every once and a while and you gotta be OK with that.”

Bryce/Josh react

Despite singing about all the most dramatic moments that took place online in 2020, the song seems to be all in good fun. Larray, 22, included some of the biggest YouTube stars and TikTokers in the video as he discussed their past scandals in song.

“I just want to apologize in advance for this. Um, I am so sorry that you have to hear this,” he says as an apparent warning to his influencer pals before diving into the song.

All the Influencers TikTok Star Larray Calls Out in New Song ‘Canceled’

Taking place at what Larray called “Canceled University,” the entire three-minute video seems to be a lesson on cancel culture with the biggest culprits — like Bryce and Jeffree Star — being called out for their cancellations online throughout the past few months. Bryce, for his part, actually appears in the music video and gives the camera a surprised look after his name is mentioned.

As the visual goes on, more and more recognizable faces appear while Larray takes shots at their past. Scroll through our gallery for a full list of influencers that appear in the “Canceled” music video. 

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