From TikTok creator to music superstar! Jaden Hossler has been making a name for himself as a singer since releasing his first-ever single, “Comatose,” in February 2020. Now, the internet personality is gearing up to drop his debut record Tell Me About Tomorrow.

The Texas native — who makes music under the moniker jxdn — teamed up with famed Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and his label DTA Records for the release of his first record. “There’s a bunch of amazing debut tracks on there that are going to be world-shocking,” Jaden told Alternative Press magazine. “Me and Travis really just wanted to take our time [for] each of the songs and listen to it and ask ourselves if the world was ready to hear it. And we’ve come to the answer that yes, they are ready to hear it.”

Aside from working with Travis on his own original tracks, the former Sway House member has collaborated with fellow TikToker-turned-musician Nessa Barrett. He also put a punk spin on Olivia Rodrigo‘s “Drivers License” after the song’s January 2021 release.

“We’re pumped,” Jaden told Alternative Press about his record, calling it “a throwback” to the music of the early 2000s. “We’re getting [back] to the roots,” he added. “We’re bringing it back and making it more charming than ever.” Having grown up on this type of music, Jaden noted that he knew he wanted to be “a rock star and an artist” from the age of 5. “I guess I’ve foreshadowed it since I was a kid,” the “Le Di Die” crooner explained.

Also helping him take over the punk music world is Machine Gun Kelly, who released his own pop punk record in September 2020. Jaden will be joining the Cleveland rapper on tour from September to October 2021. “Never thought I’d be here,” the “Angels & Demons” singer shared on Instagram when announcing the tour. “I’m so honored and blessed, I have no words but God is so good. TICKETS TO MY DOWNFALL TOUR FT. JXDN THIS FALL LETS F–KING GOOOOO!”

With his music, Jaden said that his goal is “to stand for what’s right.”

“I need people to understand that music is so much more than just words on paper or words that you hear. It’s real life,” he shared with the magazine. “I’m not making music hoping that I get [a] No. 1 hit. I’m making music so I can grind and be dedicated endlessly [and] to go on tour to show people around the world that they’re not alone.”

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