Where does Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler‘s friendship stand now? Drama rocked the TikTok world when news broke that Jaden might have been romantically involved with his best friend Josh’s ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett. Now, fans are wondering if there’s any bad blood between the former Sway House members.

“I can’t just like flip a switch off from caring about someone so much to not,” Josh explained during an April 2021 episode of the Barstool Sports’ “BFFs” podcast. “Even though this is, like, a situation, obviously, I don’t think anyone wants to be in, I’m never gonna be wishing bad things to happen to either of them. I’m always just gonna be along for the support and having them kill it, do whatever … I’m never gonna be the guy that’s being malicious.”

Eagle-eyed fans started to wonder what was going down between Jaden and Nessa after the “Angels & Demons” singer’s ex, Mads Lewis, unfollowed them both on social media. She then posted a now-viral and since-deleted TikTok video, which led followers to speculate that Jaden and Nessa might be romantically involved. Initially, Josh took his best friend’s side and revealed on a separate “BFFs” episode that he didn’t know what to believe about the entire situation. Now that Jaden and Nessa have been spotted out together and appeared to debut multiple matching tattoos, Josh is setting the record straight.

He sat down with his fellow podcast hosts and fellow TikTok star Griffin Johnson to breakdown the drama. Previously, Jaden had claimed in an Instagram Live that his former friend had blocked him, which Josh explained was not true. “Never blocked him,” he said, noting that his phone had been dead for “five hours [when] all this s–t was going down.” When pressed about whether or not he still considered Jaden a friend, Josh explained, “That’s a hard question to answer.”

“It’s hard to say f–k you because that’s just not true,” he added. “It’s kind of just confusing.”

So, it’s unclear exactly where Jaden and Josh stand, but going forward, the podcast host asked fans to stop spreading hate to the others involved. Josh made it clear via social media that he wanted everything else handled offline.

“The last 3 weeks has been hard on me and I just need time to think,” he wrote on Twitter. “I appreciate all of my friends and supporters that have reached out to check in on me. It means more than you know. I’m doing OK and have no ill will towards anyone.”

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