The TikTok tea is hot! Mads Lewis did not hold back when it came to sharing her side of the ongoing internet drama surrounding her ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler and fellow influencer Nessa Barrett.

The 18-year-old social media star appeared on a tear-filled episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast on Wednesday, April 14, and talked to host Alexandra Cooper about the moment she decided to post the now-viral and since-deleted TikTok video set to Taylor Swift‘s “Better Than Revenge,” which fueled rumors that Jaden and Nessa were more than friends.

“I posted it as a joke. Yeah, I was mad. I still posted that video as a joke,” she explained. “Sabotage for me didn’t mean cheat. Sabotage for me didn’t mean Nessa got with Jaden. Sabotage literally meant that you were my best friend and you do that. It’s kind of worse. I wish you would have gotten with him.”

TikTok users first started to wonder if something romantic was going on between Jaden and Nessa after they collaborated on the song “La Di Die” together, which was released in February 2021. Nearly one month later, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Mads, who was dating Jaden at the time, deleted every photo with her boyfriend off Instagram and appeared to unfollow both him and Nessa.

According to Mads, on the day she and the “Angels & Demons” musician split, he was on a trip with Nessa and a few friends. The budding actress, who had broken her phone, was using Jaden’s iPad when she got a “gut feeling” that something was going down between him and Nessa. Upon reading his messages, Mads claimed she discovered voice notes from Jaden’s manager who said there were mutual feelings between him and Nessa. After her discovery, the influencer called her then-boyfriend to get the “truth.”

“He told me he doesn’t like me anymore, which I believed him because we just weren’t happy,” she said on the podcast episode of their split, noting that Jaden confirmed the voice messages. “We weren’t healthy and we weren’t making each other happy … that was why we broke up.”

Following their split, the public fallout began. Nessa, for her part, was dating fellow TikTok star Josh Richards at the time. Per Mads, he was in the dark about everything that was going on. She claimed that Jaden asked her not to tell Josh about the voice recordings she found. Once Mads posted her TikTok video, Josh was clued into the entire situation and went on his own podcast — Barstool Sports’ “BFFs” — to say he “sad” about what had happened. At the time, the host confirmed he and Nessa were not together and said Mads uploaded the clip because “exes do crazy ass s–t,” a comment which she has since acknowledged.

“Am I thankful that I to say my side right now? Yes, because I’m not crazy,” Mads explained.

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