Celebrate the start of Summer 2021 with a new music playlist that’s sure to knock your socks off! Look back at some of May’s biggest songs from Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett and more.

Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler even teamed up for their second duet, titled “I’m Dead,” which was released alongside their super successful scripted podcast “Prom In Hell.” The four-part audio series became the first-ever scripted musical podcast to take over the top spot on both Spotify and Apple Music charts. Of course, with original music from two of the biggest’s internet stars, how could it not?! Jaden and Nessa star alongside some other notable names in “Prom in Hell,” which follows the story of Danny and Jake, two high school outcasts who find themselves in Hell amid prom night. Talk about intense!

Jaden and Nessa’s new song comes after the success of their February 2021 track “La Di Die,” which fans can’t stop listening to! We’re so here for more from these two budding musicians.

Similarly, months after her “Drivers License” debut, Olivia release her first-ever album, titled SOUR, this month. Ahead of the 11-song collection’s release, the songstress dropped her third single “Good 4 U.”

“The song has a lot of unbridled anger and spite in it. I struggled for a really long time in learning how to write an upbeat song that people could move to and just not cry to, I suppose,” Olivia told NYLON of the single. “I love writing ballads, but I wanted to obviously make a record with more than just ballads on it. For a while I thought you have to be in love, and happy, to write a dance-y song. I’m proud that I figured out how to write a song that was high energy, without sacrificing what I was feeling. Also, I was super inspired by pop-punk writing that song. I love that angst and aggression, but [my producer] Dan [Nigro] and I really tried really hard to make sure that it wasn’t just like a Green Day song from the 2000s. We wanted to put a 2021 twist on it. I love that kind of music.”

Aside from her pop-rock anthem, the album also included tons of tracks that, frankly, we can’t stop listening to.

These aren’t the only artists who released epic tracks this year! Scroll through our gallery for the May 2021 new music playlist, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. 

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