It looks like Jake Paul doesn’t have his wife, Tana Mongeau‘s back! Yep, the YouTuber just totally slammed her and claimed she didn’t deserve her Streamy Awards win. Ouch.

For those who missed it, Tana took home the award for Creator of the Year at the star-studded event, which took place on December 13 and honored the biggest names on YouTube. But according to Jake, someone else deserved the title a little more.

“Let’s be honest, the people winning these awards — no offense — like, they’re not actually like who should be winning the awards most of the time,” Jake said on his brother, Logan Paul‘s “imPaulsive” podcast.

When Logan asked Jake if he thought Tana should have won her award, the controversial social media star admitted, “No. MrBeast should have won that award.”

MrBeast — whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson — quickly rose to fame after he started his #TeamTrees initiative in an attempt to save the Earth. He successfully raised $20 million for the cause, with numerous other influencers, celebrities, politicians and public figures donating and getting involved in the project.

When Tana caught wind of her husband’s comments, she took to Twitter to respond.

“Heard what he’s saying. Beast did something this year that changed the world and deserved it above anyone,” she wrote. “I agree and respect honesty. I’m very lucky to have fans that voted the way they did. 2020 I strive to support people the way they support me.”

During he acceptance speech at the awards show, Tana also revealed that she didn’t feel like she deserved to win the award either.

“This feels like one of those Mean Girls moments where I should like break it off and give it to everybody who actually f**king deserves it, because I don’t deserve this at all,” she said. “I don’t feel like Creator of the Year I’ve never felt like Creator of the Year.”

She also wrote on Instagram, “As much as I am grateful for this award, I do not and never will feel like ‘Creator of the Year.’ I’ve never met that mark, I’ve never fit that mold. I’ve always been the misfit, the outcast, the f**k up. Matter of fact, I’ve spent every second of my career KNOWING I’d never be Creator of the Year … It will never feel real. It will never feel like mine — it is yours. I’ve never been so sure that an award show is truly fan voted/not rigged — there is not one person in this industry that could’ve told you two days ago I’d be winning this award … To be honest I still feel I should be mailing this award to [the other nominees] David [Dobrik] or MrBeast or Emma [Chamberlain].

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