In a series of recent Instagram Stories videos, Jeffree Star seemingly addressed fellow YouTuber Kameron Lester‘s claims that the beauty vlogger treated him like like “the token Black kid.”

For those who missed it, during a 27-minute Instagram Live, which was reposted as an IGTV to his account, Kameron opened up about why he will “no longer support” Jeffree or his products. He explained that he became friends with the makeup mogul after he modeled for his company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but that Jeffree never followed through with his promises to Kameron. As fans know, Kameron wasn’t the only person who called him out for alleged racist and derogatory behavior. The YouTuber’s longtime friend, Tab, also posted a 16-minute video and recounted a trip to Las Vegas in February 2020 where Jeffree allegedly made offensive comments.

Now, Jeffree has seemingly explained his side of the story and responded to both Kameron and Tab.

“Now listen, there’s one other big elephant in the room. The smear campaign and a few ‘old friends,’ who where never my friends, coming out of the woodwork and making up a bunch of crazy lies,” the 34-year-old said in a series of since-expired videos that were recorded and reposted online. “I’m not going to entertain people that want clout and attention and followers. When I leave on a really good note with someone and our last texts are all positive and great and then months later they make up a bunch of s**t about me on camera… No.”

He continued, “We’re not going to entertain it, we’re not going to feed into the negativity, we’re not going to give an ounce of f**ks to these people who are literally making up s**t out of thin air.”

Jeffree then added he won’t “pull up all the receipts, sit down, debunk every little thing” like some people might want.

“I think they maybe want attention, I don’t know the root, but I know that I was a very good person to these people. We were acquaintances, we were not friends and what is being said is just so dumb, I’m not going to entertain it,” he explained.

Although he never explicitly addressed claims that he and Shane Dawson were involved in the James Charles and Tati Westbrook feud, Jeffree did say he was done with drama.

“I get we’re in the age where people sit and love to sensationalize drama. I used to be a part of it, but we’re going to nip it in the bud and we’re not going to play those games today. So, anyone who’s running their gums about me this week, whoever paid y’all in a group to do that one after the other, I hope it was worth it, I really do,” he said. “I’m going to continue to only show love on my platform and talk about what’s important. So ‘Jeffree Star drama’? No b***h, not in 2020, we have already all, as a culture, as a society, as a planet, have had such a rough 2020, b***h I’m not going to feed into any negativity.”

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