On Sunday, June 21, Shane Dawson shocked the internet by announcing his departure from YouTube’s beauty community, and slamming rumors that he was involved in the now-famous feud between Tati Westbrook and James Charles, which started in May 2019.

In the Twitter rant, which has since been deleted, but reposted by fans online, Shane explained that “yes,” he knew Tati was thinking about making a video about James, but “no,” he did not tell her to make it, nor was he involved in its creation. For those who missed it, Tati accused James of lying, manipulating and being a disrespectful person a little over a year ago, in a since-deleted YouTube video titled “Bye Sisters.”

After answering a series of fan question about his rumored involvement in the scandal, Shane announced his official departure from the beauty community after creating a full line of makeup in collaboration with BFF Jeffree Star. The 31-year-old called the collaboration and its docuseries, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, “one of the best experience of my life.” He then went on to share everything he learned from entering the beauty community.

“The beauty gurus who are ALWAYS involved in scandals are ALL THE F**KNG SAME. They are all attention seeking, game playing, egocentric, narcissistic, vengeful, two-faced, ticking time bombs ready to explode. And I’m OVER it,” Shane wrote, according to screenshots of his statement. “Yes, they are talented, creative, smart and love makeup. But they also joined a side of the Internet that is obsessed with looks, money, power, fame, screenshots and subtweets.”

He continued, “Releasing private texts, voice memos, emails and other ‘receipts’ as a way to point yourself in a particular light, or someone else in a bad light is weird to me and I will never engage in that. That is a game that they know how to play well and I would rather eat my own hands off than play it.”

He went on to address the Tati and James situation head on.

“So did I ‘plan’ dramageddon? Are you SERIOUS? NO. Do people in the YouTube world come to me like a grandpa and tell me their problems and ask for advice? Yes. It is easy for me to get wrapped up in something potentially toxic if I think someone I love is hurting or upset? Yes. It’s an issue I need to work on and have been working on,” Shane explained. “So was I shocked that she decided to make a video? No. Was I shocked that Tati READ his ass to f**king FILTH? YES. I wasn’t ‘acting.’ I didn’t know it was gonna be that intense.”

He added, “Do I think James is THE DEVIL? No. Do I think he was a young, egocentric, power-hungry guru who needed to be served a slice of humble pie in the size of the f**King Empire State Building? YES. Has he grown as a person since then? It really seems like it! And that’s AMAZING.”

Before deleting his four-page rant, the internet star also clarified that Jeffree did not have any involvement in the scandal, despite rumors.

“So go, enjoy the gurus. Enjoy the circus. Unsubscribe from me if you are mad that I’m no longer engaging in it. Unsubscribe to gurus who you don’t like. Subscribe to gurus you do like. Just don’t take the beauty world as seriously as I did, or as so many of us did in 2019. It’s not worth it and I feel like we all lost a bit of our soul during dramageddon,” Shane concluded. “As for my channels, I’m done with the beauty world.”

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