Get ready makeup lovers because Jeffree Star just revealed that the Conspiracy Collection is set to be restocked in March 2020! Yep, that’s right, the makeup mogul’s fan-favorite collaboration with YouTuber Shane Dawson is coming back soon.

Jeffree took to Twitter on Tuesday, January 28, and shared the exciting news with his 6.3 million followers. The 34-year-old screenshotted an Instagram direct message exchange with a fan who asked, “When will I be able to buy my girlfriend the Shane Dawson palette?”

Thankfully, Jeffree shared the answer with the internet.

“The [Shane Dawson] x [JSC] collection restocks in March!!!” he wrote.

For those who don’t know, the two vloggers teamed up for an epic makeup collaboration that launched in November 2019. Their entire creative process for the line — which included two eyeshadow palette and lip products — was documented in the YouTube docuseries The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star.

After it was released, two YouTube stars broke the internet, and set some records along the way, as they sold over one million palettes. Since the demand for the makeup products were so high, some fans were unable to purchase palettes of their own. Thankfully, they will have the ability to get their hands on the collection in March.

Previously, Jeffree took to his Instagram Stories and explained why the restock took so much time.

“When you print that many units it takes time. The makeup factory can only do so many shifts, make so many palettes per day so it takes a few months or more to manufacture,” he explained in a series of since-deleted videos. “Since we’ve already created the palettes, the artwork, everything…creating it is already done. So now it’s about getting the raw materials, getting the raw ingredients to make everything, getting the packaging done… Just trying to print it and get it all together.”

Since the announcement, some fans have started to keep a close eye on Jeffree and Shane’s social media in order to find out the actual restock date. Good luck makeup fans!

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