YouTuber Shane Dawson has spilled some major tea about the beauty community. Fans were shook on Tuesday, January 21, when the vlogger uploaded the debut video to his new beauty channel called ShaneGlossin. The 36-minute video was a compilation of never-before-seen clips of his wildly successful YouTube series The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star, including clips of him and Jeffree Star totally dragging the entire beauty community.

In these deleted scenes, fans finally got to see Shane’s initial reaction to Tati Westbook and James Charles‘ infamous feud. The internet star went on a rant about the “Bye Sister” video and said he need “all these gurus to shut the f**k up” before explaining that Gabriel Zamora and Nikita Dragun “brought themselves into” the situation when they publicly defended James.

Even more shade was thrown in a different scene after Shane told Jeffree he wanted a new tattoo. Without missing a beat, the makeup mogul offered up the services of his former BFF Kat Von D.

“No, honestly what if we got Kat Von D to do it? She needs work. She has a baby now, she needs work,” Jeffree said.

Previously in the video, Shane made it clear that he was team Jeffree in the longtime feud with Kat.

“They put me on Kat Von D’s [PR] list and I had to tell them to take me off of it,” he admitted.

The YouTubers also addressed the Jaclyn Hill lipstick controversy. Jeffree revealed that he initally had plans to review the new line, but he wanted to wait until she “figured out what’s happening” before doing so. For those who don’t know, Jaclyn faced a ton of criticism after her lipstick line was launched in June 2019. Fans claimed they found hairs, lumps and mold in their lip products.

“My PR box—they’re all hairy, like to a point where it looks like I rubbed it on my dog,” Shane joked. Jeffree added, “Why does she always have a problem with every launch? I feel horrible for her.”

Perhaps, the most eye-opening part of the video was when Shane and Jeffree — along with his assistant and fiancé Ryland Adams‘ sister, Morgan Adams — revealed the shocking truth about how beauty influencers act on brand trips. In one scene, Morgan recounted a heartbreaking story of when she went on a brand trip and the other influencers completely ignored her. Jeffree then added, that happens on most trips and the beauty gurus’ attitudes are the reasons he stopped going.

“[Beauty brands] have all these parties and what you’re not seeing is, a lot of demons come out at night — and I don’t mean people without their makeup on. I mean like people…want to get f**ked up…and you see like the demons come out in them,” he explained. “And it’s just like a whole crazy experience, cause like you see this girl doing tutorials and [then in real life] she’s blackout drunk screaming and crying about her ex on the floor and you’re like on a brand trip.”

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