Fans are shook after Jeffree Star teased a brand new makeup collection via Instagram Stories on Wednesday, March 4. That’s right, the YouTube star took to social media and told his 15.9 million followers to “get ready” because a new palette would be coming in April 2020.

“Blood Lust was just a taste. Get ready for April, there’s a brand new palette launching,” he said in the since-expired video, which was recorded and reposted by excited fans.

Naturally, social media totally freaked out over this news, and some people even speculated what the color scheme of this new makeup line would be.

“I just watched your [Instagram Stories]… Praying this collection coming in April is green!” one person wrote. Another added, “OMG @JeffreeStar A BRAND NEW PALETTE LAUNCHING IN APRIL!? Girl Ima need a room in that house, Ima be broke.

Jeffree Star Teases Brand New Makeup Collection Coming In April 2020

A third said, “Ahhhhhh! I just [saw] your [Instagram Stories] and GIRL! You’re on fire… Ya’ll are gonna need to slow it down at JSC with the new launches. This chick is still trying to save for something. I don’t own one JSC product yet!”

Jeffree Star Teases Brand New Makeup Collection Coming In April 2020

As avid Jeffree fans know, this epic teaser came just a few weeks after his most recent launch. For those who missed it, the social media star dropped his new Blood Lust collection on February 21, 2020. Upon it’s release, Jeffree received some backlash on social media from people who claimed that the highly-anticipated palette was “boring.”

Once Jeffree caught wind the of the fans’ criticisms, he took to his Instagram Stories and set the record straight.

“I wanted to make a palette that could complement any pink, any purple, any magenta, and fuchsia look. And I think maybe the photography is translating a little light on a few of the shades but when you see them all in person and you touch them, and the shifts and the metallic and the lavenders… b***h, it’s everything I dreamed of,” he said at the time before seemingly dropping the first hint about a soon-to-be released palette.

“I didn’t want to go full dark goth. I know some of you were maybe expecting that but if you want a crazy goth moment… get ready for the next palette after this one,” Jeffree continued.

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