It’s no secret that Jenna Ortega is killing it! The actress got her start on Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle and her fans have watched her grow up in the public eye.

“Fortunately, [my fans have] grown up with me,” she told Entertainment Tonight in March 2021. “They witnessed my puberty and then just followed.”

While she has a special bond with her fans, when it comes to her love life, the actress likes to keep things under wraps. However, she has been romantically linked to a few famous face throughout her time in the spotlight.

Keep reading for all the details on Jenna’s love life, rumored romances and more. 

Is Jenna Ortega Single?

Jenna does not appear to be dating anyone as of right now. In March 2023, she shared a major update on the status of her relationships during an interview with Elle Magazine.

“I hate being googoogaga over a boy,” she explained. “I think it’s secretly a pride thing. It’s a problem with a lot of female characters, that a lot of them are guy oriented or what they’re expressing or emoting is based on a guy’s position and a guy’s story.”

She added, “Maybe I am too obsessed with my work, but the idea of relationships stresses me out,” she continued. “And also being that vulnerable with someone and having to get to know someone that well and having someone see you for all that you are … My brain knows that I don’t need to think about that right now.”

Who Has Jenna Ortega Dated?

Since her rise to fame, Jenna has been romantically linked to various stars, including her Wednesday co-star Percy Hynes White. The pair is set to star in an upcoming movie together titled Winter Spring Summer or Fall, but have never addressed fans dating rumors.

When discussing the topic of public romances, Jenna further cleared up ongoing rumors on a “Just Between Us” podcast episode from February 2019. When hosts Bailee Madison and Kaitlin Vilasuso asked the Disney star what the craziest thing she’s read about herself online was, she explained that it was the dating rumors that have truly shocked her.

“Probably relationships,” Jenna shared at the time. “According to the internet, I dated, like, six guys, [but I] dated none of them.”

Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of Jenna’s love life, exes and rumored romances. 

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