The wait is finally over, you guys, because Jenna Raine‘s new EP, Nen, is finally here! The singer dropped the much-anticipated EP on January 25, and it’s seriously filled with bops. Now, the 15-year-old has dished exclusively to J-14 about the inspiration behind the EP, her upcoming tour and more! Check it out!

J-14: Your new EP is out! What has the fan reaction been like? Where did you get the most inspiration from while creating these songs?

Jenna Raine: The fan reaction has been absolutely incredible! I’m really happy with the outcome of the EP. I think all of my fans have been able to feel a new feeling or connect with my songs in their own way. I wanted my music to reach out to all ages so I used inspiration from a variety of artists such as Shawn Mendes, Julia Michaels and Oasis.

J-14: For those who might not be familiar with your music yet, how would you describe your sound?

Jenna: My sound is acoustic and pop. I have found that my taste in music changes overtime, so my sound alters a little bit. I’m excited to see where my sound takes me through my writing and music as I work on upcoming projects.

J-14: If you could collab with any other artist, who would it be and why?

Jenna: Ed Sheeran! He such a talented artist who can sing, write and play the guitar like a beast. It would be such an honor to get the chance to write with him and to learn his songwriting process.

J-14: You’re going on tour with Max & Harvey in Europe starting in April! What are you most excited for?

Jenna: Yes! I am so excited to get to sing my new music for the fans! Last tour no one new my music, but this time, since my EP is out, people will have the chance to learn it so they can sing along and jam out with me!

J-14: What cities are you most excited to see on tour?

Jenna: I am excited for every single city. I can’t wait to see all my fans again in Manchester, Birmingham and London! I’ve never been to Germany so this will be a new adventure!

J-14: What are three things you can’t live without on tour?

Jenna: My acoustic guitar, my headphones and my pillow!

J-14: What advice do you have for fans that might want to get into music but don’t know how or where to start?

Jenna: Go for it! If you have a passion for music, you should embrace it. Don’t hold back. There are YouTube videos on how to sing, play the guitar, piano or anything you want to learn. Take advantage inexpensive ways to learn.

J-14: What’s something about Max & Harvey that fans might not know?

Jenna: They have different music tastes! You would think that they listen to similar music, but they absolutely don’t. They both had me listen to their favorite music and their tastes are completely different. Totally not what I was expecting!

We’ve seriously had Jenna’s EP on repeat ever since it dropped, and we can’t wait to see her on tour.

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