Ever since JoJo Siwa released her very own makeup kit, we’ve all been pretty much dying to get our hands on it. Well guys, we have some scary news for you. The product was just recalled from all stores after a super dangerous ingredient was found inside of it. OMG.

ICYMI, the 16-year-old Nickelodeon star‘s makeup kit — which was only available at Claire’s — contained eyeshadow, two lip glosses and nail polish. Now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to stop using the product and has recalled it from all of Claire’s shelves.

Why? Well, it was tested positive for something called asbestos. Asbestos is basically a mineral that can be used to strengthen various materials. But if it’s ingested or inhaled, it’s highly toxic and can cause many diseases, including cancer.

“Today, the FDA is releasing new results from its continued testing of cosmetic products for asbestos and is warning consumers to not use two additional products that have tested positive for asbestos and have been recalled,” the FDA wrote on Twitter on Thursday, June 6, 2019.

“We take safety very seriously and require our licensees to comply with all applicable laws and safety standards relating to licensed products,” Nickelodeon told J-14 in a statement. “We are reviewing this matter with Claire’s in light of the advisory from the FDA.”

But how did the asbestos get into the makeup, you ask? According to the FDA, the toxic mineral is naturally found near talc — an ingredient used in many cosmetic products.

“During talc mining, if talc mining sites are not selected carefully and steps are taken to purify the talc ore sufficiently, the talc may be contaminated with asbestos,” they explained.

Claire’s said in a statement to USA Today that it has “voluntarily recalled the JoJo Cosmetic Kit out of an abundance of caution.”

“Claire’s stands behind the safety of this item and all other Claire’s cosmetic items, as such small trace amounts are considered acceptable under European and Canadian cosmetic safety regulations.” the company said. “In addition, last year Claire’s moved to talc-free cosmetic manufacturing to prevent any further concerns about talc contamination. Claire’s also supports increased FDA oversight of personal care products. We will provide a full refund to any customers who purchased the product.”

And according to the FDA’s website, they recalled three other Claire’s products — Claire’s eye shadow, compact powder and contour palette — back in March 2019. They also recalled Beauty Plus Global Contour Effects Palette 2.

This is seriously terrifying, and we’re glad the necessary safety precautions are being taken.

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