ICYMI, North West (yes, the North West) just went to JoJo Siwa‘s house to have the most epic day ever, and the YouTube video is seriously adorable.

Fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians have seen the 5-year-old on the reality series, but this new video showcased a whole new side of the eldest West child — especially since she was starstruck by JoJo for the whole seven-minute vid.

The video began with none other than Kim Kardashian dropping Northy off at the “D.R.E.A.M.” singer’s house, and just in case it wasn’t adorable enough that she was getting to hang with her idol, North showed up JoJo-style, in a colorful tutu with a rainbow ponytail fastened together with a bow. What an icon!

Immediately, the heir to the Kardashian-West throne was given the grand tour of YouTube star’s house. Not only did she get to pick out an iconic bow from JoJo’s room, but she also got to go down the slide in her bedroom. Then, the duo went on to do some other fun activities, such as playing hide-and-seek and — wait for it — making the most glittery slime, like, ever.

That’s right! The internet personality set up the ultimate slime station in her kitchen, and let’s just say the two might have gone a little overboard with the glitter (we mean, if there even is such a thing). Then, JoJo cranked up some music for a super fun dance party, where North got to show off those incredible moves we’ve been seeing on her mom’s Instagram stories lately.

Before getting picked up by Kim, North got to check out the social media star’s decked out JoJo-themed BMW convertible, and she also got to pick out whatever toys she wanted from the claw machine. But when Kim arrived, the surprises still weren’t quite over. Say whaaat?

Yep! Before heading out, the social media star gave North a ticket to her concert, which allows her to bring whoever she wants to the show.

“I have this magic box for you,” JoJo said. “This is a ticket, and this ticket gets you to come to my concert and bring whatever friends you want. So you can bring Hayden, you can bring Penelope, and you can come watch the concert!”

Obviously, North had a pretty incredible day with the “High Top Shoes” singer, but are we really even surprised? Excuse us as we watch the video ten times over and figure out how we can get the YouTuber to babysit us next. We mean, we like slime too!

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