From sparkles and bows to designer looks! JoJo Siwa‘s fashion has completely evolved throughout her time in the spotlight.

The one thing that’s stayed constant with her style is the iconic hair bow, which is currently “on a vacation.”

“I love my bow and I always will, and it’s a piece of my life but I’ve had a lot of fun exploring with my hair,” JoJo shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show in October 2021.

The Dance Moms alum made the decision to change up her style and send the bows on a brief break after a major milestone.

“Honestly, up until my 18th birthday, it was every single day. And it was right around my 18th birthday, I think four days after, that I talked to my mom,” JoJo recalled to Entertainment Tonight in August 2021. “We have always questioned how I was going to stop wearing a bow, or questioned how that whole transition was going to work, and we never knew. But it just felt right.”

JoJo also told Instagram head Adam Mosseri in June 2021 that changing up her hairstyle was something “a little bit more mature” and “a little upgrade” compared to her signature ponytail. She added, “It just felt like the right time and to do something different.”

When it comes to fashion, the actress is always in a bedazzled matching set, which is often custom-made or from a high-end designer. During a September 2020 TikTok Live with Paris Hilton, JoJo actually gave fans more of an insight into her love for all things clothes.

“I just love seeing all the new stuff. You know, all the new collections,” the J Team star gushed while the duo talked about fashion week. “It’s just so cool to see what all the trends are, what all the people come up with. It’s just amazing.”


JoJo’s style really took a turn when she started competing on season 30 of Dancing With the Stars. Goodbye were the days of layers and hello were the fringe dresses and epic costumes.

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