Following the premiere of The Little Mermaid, fans immediately fell in love with Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric, and who wouldn’t?! The actor is relatively new to the acting world, with the Disney live adaption being his first large-scale Hollywood film. Keep reading to see a list of his past and upcoming movies and TV shows.

The London native has starred in several projects before The Little Mermaid, such as A Dog’s Way Home, 2017’s Little Women and Once Upon a Time In Staten Island. Jonah found out about The Little Mermaid auditions while starring in the 2018 film Postcards from London.

“I was acting in the film and found out that Steve [McLean], the director, was being fairly open-minded about his musical approach,” Jonah recalled to 1883 Magazine. “I kind of just muscled my way in there, brought my guitar on set one day and constantly dropped hints. Pretty shameless, but it worked?!”

The A Dog’s Way Home actor has a lot of stage experience thanks to his mom, Debra Hauer, a known theater producer.

“I started out doing theater and I think it’s informed me a lot,” he told 1883 Magazine. “Doing a play has a great sense of a ‘company’, and the feeling that you’re all working towards the same thing. I think being respectful of everyone’s job, and recognizing the importance that everyone has in the process — that’s when the best work is made.”

He spoke a bit more on the auditioning process for The Little Mermaid during an interview with W Magazine in May 2023.

“It was such a long shot, and I was realistic about my chances, so it didn’t feel like a big deal,” he told the outlet, explaining that he heard the rumors of A-list stars that were also up for the role, including Harry Styles.

“I just thought, ‘Well yeah, that makes sense,’” he said of the former One Direction member’s auditioning rumors. “Maybe, if I’d shown up to a screen test and I was next to pop stars and famous actors, I’d have felt nervous, but luckily that didn’t happen.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see all of Jonah’s past and upcoming movies and TV shows!

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