When celebrity girls want to look a little taller, they buck up, slide on a pair of heels, and suffer through the pain to achieve the style they're looking for all night. But for famous guys, it's all about who they stand next to. You may be wondering, "How tall is Justin Bieber?" Well, we're here to clear it up. Whether it's hanging out with models or chilling with his boys, his height looks different in every photo.

As we look deeper into the past, JB's height definitely fluctuates. After all, he grew up in the public eye and was constantly growing. After conspiracy theories and many fan videos were made, his DUI arrest in 2014 finally gave us the answer: Justin Bieber is 5'9". However, when he was arrested, he was 20 years old. Who knows if he's grown since? Check out the photos below and decide for yourself whether or not JB is really that height.

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