Justin Bieber is all about the Christmas season. We've known this. How can Beliebers forget his iconic "Mistletoe" song where he frolicks through a snow-covered town in the music video? He's always been very holiday oriented, but his newest Instagram video proves that he's a legitimate Christmas elf deep down. The Biebs films himself decorating what we assume to be his Christmas tree while shirtless as "Jingle Bell Rock" plays in the background. He looks so freaking adorable. The fact that he's even decorating his own tree says something about how he feels about the holidays. You'd think someone like Justin would have hired a decorator to put the ornaments up. But, no, it's all him and we think it's really amazing.

He didn't caption the video, but who needs one? I've actually sat here and watched this way too many times that it has become unacceptable. I just can't stop staring at something so beautiful – shirtless Biebs – next to a Christmas tree. It's a total hot elf move.

What a cutie! The only thing super concerning about this video is that he's all alone. Where are his family or friends to help him decorate? Kind of sad, to be honest. I mean, now that Selena Gomez is back in his life, you'd THINK the pair would do cute, coupley things together like decorating a tree. But, maybe she had other plans. Justin's holiday plans have yet to be revealed, but rumors have been going around that he and Selena will spend the time apart.

Apparently, her family still isn't too happy about the rekindled romance. A source told People magazine, "Selena doesn’t bring Justin to any family events. Selena is spending Christmas with her family. As of now, Justin is not invited." Their loss, I guess. Having shirtless Bieber at your family Christmas party would definitely get your aunt Karen shaking in her boots.

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