These K-pop idols aren’t the only famous people in their family! From BTSJ-Hope to Stray KidsBang Chan, these Korean artists have siblings that are super-popular in their own right. Keep reading to uncover them all.

We’ll start with Bang Chan’s little sister, Hannah Bahng. She first launched into stardom after posting her first YouTube video in 2021, and now has over 1 million subscribers. Viewers immediately recognized her as the little sister of the leader of Stray Kids.

ICYMI, Stray Kids is a K-pop boy group which debuted in 2018 under South Korean music agency, JYP Entertainment. Bang Chan is the leader of the 8-member boy group, meaning he’s the spokesperson of the band, and main support system for his fellow members.

“At the start, I was very worried that my entire identity would be an idol’s sibling,” she told Teen Vogue in June 2023. “I was paranoid that people only liked me because I had the same DNA as [Christopher]. But I’ve come to realize they like me and they like what I do.”

The Australian native acknowledged that she’s not so clueless as to why many viewers come to watch her videos. “At the end of the day, if they’re following me for a different motive, they’re still watching my stuff.” Hannah also knows she wouldn’t have been able to create such a platform without his support. “He just wants me to do what I want to do.”

As for J-Hope, the BTS member has an older sister named Jung Jiwoo, who is a popular South Korean lifestyle and fashion influencer. On top of her major following, Jiwoo is also the CEO of the fashion company AJLOOK and the internet shopping mall Mejiwoo.

During a radio interview from February 2019, J-Hope revealed what it was like growing up in his older sister’s shadow, as she was academically gifted. “In the past, my sister used to study abroad. My sister was great in school,” he explained on the show. “She was really smart, but then my parents were like, ‘Your sister is smart and speaks different languages. What are you good at?'”

J-Hope explained that his parents’ comments sparked his passion for dancing, as he became determined to prove himself. He later debuted with BTS in 2013, leading him to become part of the biggest band in the world — so we’d say he’s *definitely* not living in anyone’s shadow now!

Click through our gallery to uncover all of the K-pop idols who have famous siblings in their own right. Note: we’re not counting fellow K-pop stars — read here.

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