YouTuber Kahlen Barry has spoken his truth. For those who missed it, earlier this month, the former friend and collaborator or Tana Mongeau publicly called her out on Twitter for using racial slurs, making him feel “invalid” and not using her platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Then, in a 44-minute video, uploaded on June 15, Kahlen detailed his experiences working with the YouTuber. Nearly a week later, on Monday, June 22, Tana responded with an apology on Twitter.

Just after her social media posts hit the web, Kahlen went live and reacted to her response. During the live, he called Tana’s apology “very manipulative, very deflective, and also gaslighting and invalidating.”

“She did not validate my feelings at all. She made it seem like, once again, I’m making this s**t up in my head,” the 21-year-old added.

Aside from Kahlen’s account of Tana’s alleged racism, fans also resurfaced old social media posts in which she seemingly used the N-word and wrote other derogatory statements. In his response video, Kahlen noted that, “I don’t even know if she would have even apologized had those tweets not been pulled up,” and wondered if, by deleting the past tweets, she was trying to “hide” the entire situation.

In her apology, Tana wrote, “To think I’ve ever had a sense of humor that relied on shock value like that f**king disgusts me” and Kahlen addressed this directly.

“Nothing about this is shocking humor. There’s actual bigoted, racist things that she said,” he explained.

Then, Kahlen claimed Tana and her manager, Jordan Worona, tried to “silence” him and called him a “liar” behind the scenes.

He also took to Twitter and said that after he gave Tana the opportunity to message him so she could be educated, she, “made that ‘apology’ and dipped.”

One day later, on Tuesday, June 23, Kahlen went live once again, in a since-deleted video, and played an alleged audio that had been sent to him, which seemingly came from a Skype video back in 2017. In the alleged clip, Kahlen could be heard attempting to explain to Tana why he was upset that she used the N-word, which seemingly made her upset.

After posting the audio clip, Kahlen took to Twitter and explained, “I was sent this by someone in the Skype call. I did not record this myself [and] have permission from the person who sent it. The person who recorded it also lives in a one party consent state.”

Tana has yet to publicly respond to Kahlen further.

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