It looks like there’s trouble in paradise between Tana Mongeau and her manager Jordan Worona. As fans knows, the YouTuber and her right-hand man have always been close — he even lived and ran his business out of her pool house for a few years — but during the most recent episode of Tana’s MTV reality series Tana Mongeau: No Filter, their personal and professional relationship might have come to a breaking point.

During one scene, Tana was forced to talk to Jordan via FaceTime after revealing that they had gotten into an argument the day before. The two started to discuss their previous fight about the blonde beauty frequently being late to work, and then it totally blew up into an explosive fight. It all started after Tana asked Jordan if she was still banned on TikTok.

“They actually just emailed back, two days ago, but you slept through the last two days,” the manager said. Tana responded, “I could have stayed awake man. Do you want me to stay awake and be less healthy? I’m down.”

As fans know, this came just a few episodes after Jordan accompanied the influencer to a doctor’s appointment where she was diagnosed with asthma after experiencing a heavy cough and struggling to breathe for months.

“You’re going to accuse me of complaining and and [having] excuses and [playing the] victim card when my health is falling apart… You fronted like you gave a f**k about my health and proved yourself today like I said you would,” Tana said. Jordan added, “I was the one who got yelled at by 20 different producers because you slept through the entire day, again.”

The 21-year-old went on to explain that the reason she missed filming was because someone had told her that the call time was pushed back. She also claimed that he initially yelled at her and called her a “piece of s**t” and a “liar,” which he denied.

“I really just hate Jordan’s wishy-washy nature. The second the cameras are rolling, you’re being a lot nicer,” the reality star told the audience in a confessional. “You’re accusing me of lying, Jordan, and what happened to three hours ago when you were screaming at me calling me every name in the book. Now’s your chance. Say how you really feel.”

She concluded, “You don’t give a f**k about my health and you pretend to. At least I’m f**king honest about not caring… You still treated me like s**t you f**king psycho a**hole.”

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