Is Tana Mongeau OK? In the latest episode of her MTV reality show, No Filter: Tana Mongeau, the YouTube star finally shared her diagnosis with fans after experiencing a heavy cough and struggling to breathe for months. As it turned out, the 21-year-old didn’t have Tuberculosis like she initially thought. She has “constricted airways,” which, as the lung doctor said in the episode, were a “component of asthma” that she might have gotten from a past “viral infection.”

For those who missed it, fans started to worry about the influencer after a clip of her facing a major health scare first hit the web on February 24. Viewers watched as Tana visited a lung specialist for what looked like a chest x-ray during a sneak peek for Season 2 of her reality show.

“You’re having a problem with a cough?” the doctor asked Tana just after fans saw her heavily coughing and struggling to breathe in another upcoming scene from the series. The sneak peek then cut to the blonde beauty getting emotional when talking to the doctor about her health. The clip also showed Tana stepping up to a machine while her manager Jordan Worona sat watching and looking upset.

Now that the full episode finally aired on Monday, March 16, fans (along with Tana and Jordan) finally received some answers. After a few breathing tests, which proved to be difficult for the blonde beauty, the doctor told Tana her lungs looked great and with the help of an inhaler he hoped that her airways would get back to normal. Long story short, Tana will have no longterm effect from her cough!

Tana Mongeau Gives Important Health Update After Fearing She Has Tuberculosis

Aside from admitting that she was scared about her possibly diagnosis, Tana got real about why she had put off going to the doctor’s office for so long.

“I have really bad PTSD toward doctors because I are up where I would be on my death bed and my parents would scream at me on the top of their f**king lungs for ‘being a terrible child.’ And then you’re not going to have school lunch for a week because we paid for your doctor’s appointment,” she explained. “I was never raised or conditioned that this s**t was normal or to like it. I’m just at a point where stuff like this gives me so much anxiety. It’s also just like the PTSD of doctor’s offices my whole life. When you’re sitting there, you can’t run from that kind of stuff anymore.”

Throughout her time in the spotlight, Tana has always been super open about the relationship she has with her family. The YouTube star has explained in depth that her parents, Rick (who also goes by Cowboy) and Rebecca Mongeau, have contributed to a lot of problems in her life.

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