What’s your claim to fame? In case you missed it, Kevin Jonas and little brother Franklin Jonas host a hilariously fitting TV show titled Claim to Fame, where contestants have to guess who other contestants’ famous relatives are. Keep reading to see who has won the reality show from all of the seasons so far.

Claim to Fame first premiered on ABC in July 2022, with season 2 dropping exactly one year later. The goal of the show is to make it 10 weeks in a shared house without anyone figuring out your claim to fame. So, the easier it is to guess your relative, the sooner you’re eliminated.

“I was surprised by everyone,” Kevin told POPSUGAR in September 2022 of all of the celebrity connections on the first season. “They did not tell us who the contestants were or who they were related to. So, obviously, in our edits of our show, we are kind of giving you that information at times and you’re hearing the conversations and it’s helping you narrow it down. We didn’t really get any of that.”

While Kevin revealed that he and his younger JoBro were “playing along during the challenges and the games and the other things … Anytime you see us get a reveal during the guess-off, me and Frankie are being very genuine when we are either surprised or shocked if they get it right.”

The eldest Jonas brother noted how “great” of an experience it’s been sharing the hosting gig with Frankie, as he usually works with his other brothers (ahem, Jonas Brothers).

“We’re definitely different gen, add another letter,” he said of Frankie “He definitely has a whole other vibe than working with Joe and Nick, which is kind of nice. It’s kind of refreshing, but I think it works. I think from an age perspective, it works from a demographic perspective from just, we’re 13 years apart. So, we can relate to the players in a big way.”

“Myself, I’m also related to two other kind of pretty famous guys, I guess,” he added. “And then Frankie kind of being on the outside of the bubble of Jonas Brothers, but at the same time, always our brother, always our best friend, and being a part of that.”

Click through our gallery below to uncover the list of winners from Claim to Fame so far.

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