We can all agree that Kiernan Shipka is very a lucky lady. We mean, besides being in one of the biggest shows on Netflix and getting to hang out with the Riverdale cast every now and again, she also got to kiss Ross Lynch and Gavin Leatherwood while filming Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! Ugh, they’re both total cuties, so we’re not going to lie, we’re a little jealous over here. Well guys, if you’re wondering which of the two guys is a better kisser, your question is about to be answered because the blonde beauty totally just spilled all the tea on who she felt smooched the best between her costars.

“Alright guys, let’s just drop the lines and let’s give the people what they want to know,” Gavin, 25, said during the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards on Saturday, June 15. “Kiernan, you’ve kissed Ross on the show. You’ve kissed me on the show. Who’s the better kisser?”

Wow, way to cut right to the chase there, Gavin! But the 19-year-old was a little hesitant to throw one of them under the bus.

Ross Kiernan Kiss

“I don’t think that’s like a fair thing to answer in front of millions of people,” she responded.

But Ross and Gavin didn’t back down. They kept trying to get her to reveal which one of them was the better kisser, so she decided to finally spill the tea.

“Guys, it’s just, hear me out. It just wouldn’t be fair to Ross…” she trailed off. “For everyone to know what what a great kisser he is!”

Sabrina Nick Kiss

So there ya have it folks, according to the actress, Ross is the better kisser! After receiving the news, the former Teen Beach Movie actor gave his costar a little pat on the shoulder, adding, “Sorry, bud.”

As fans know, Ross, 23, actually opened up about kissing his costar during an interview with Entertainment Tonight back in April. And he revealed that they locked lips “30 times a day” while filming the first season of the Netflix show.

“It was crazy,” he shared. “That’s just how filming works, you know, take after take after take you’re just smooching. What a job, right? It’s great.”

Yeah, find us a job like that please!

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