KISS OF LIFE has proven to be one of the most popular group’s in the 5th Generation of K-pop — and each member has such a unique debut story. Belle, specifically, was a music producer and songwriter for SM Entertainment when she was just in high school!

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Born in Seattle, Washington, on March 20, 2004, Bella lived in the US for around eight years before moving to South Korea. Her father is a famous South Korean singer named Shim Shin, and her cousin is a Korean indie singer named Cherry Coke.

Prior to making her debut, she was a songwriter for SM Entertainment when she was in high school, and helped write songs for several popular girl groups — including Le Sserafim‘s “Unforgiven” and (G)I-DLE Miyeon‘s “Softly.”

Each member of KISS OF LIFE has a unique, long-winding debut story.

“We were naturally born with these talents but we also invested a lot of time and effort to develop ourselves as K-pop artists. Our members Natty and Julie were K-pop trainees for a long time and I was in this field since I was in high school as a music producer,” Belle told The Korea Herald.

Belle writes pretty much all of KISS OF LIFE’s music, too.

“We were created as a group that produces its own music,” Belle told the outlet. “We wrote songs even before our debut and that’s how we came up with our debut lead track ‘Shhh.’ Our forte is that we can best express what we want through music because we make our own songs. That’s a huge benefit for us and also what makes us different from other groups.”

On top of that, Belle won Proud Korean Grand Prize in the composer category at the 2023 Korea Best Brand Awards — just days after her official debut.

“I wrote a bunch of songs and uploaded them on social media, like Instagram and SoundCloud, so that other musicians could see them,” she told Nylon Magazine on how she got her started writing music. “Through that, I made contacts with many agencies and producers, so I had the chance to work with various talented artists like Le Sserafim and Miyeon from (G)I-DLE.”

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