It’s official Riverdale fans, KJ Apa is totally here for Barchie! In a recent interview, the 22-year-old actor revealed that he would be down if the show explored the relationship between Betty and Archie going forward.

“I think the idea of Archie and Betty is pretty cool because it’s so iconic,” KJ told Buzzfeed on Thursday, February 27. “I think the whole endgame, like Archie and Betty being endgame, is something really cool. I think the fans would really love that.”

Well, the actor was right, because this love story has been something the fans wanted since Riverdale started four season ago!

Previously, the idea of Barchie was explored in season four, episode 11 — which first aired on January 29, 2020. For those who missed it, at the end of the episode, Riverdale jumped to a scene at Pop’s Diner where Betty was crying about her boyfriend Jughead’s death while sitting alongside her BFF Archie. The blonde beauty told him how she wished Jughead would come back. In what looked like a romantic gesture, Archie grabbed Betty’s hand and promised her that they would get through the heartbreak together. The two characters looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

Naturally, social media totally went wild!

Barchie nation, we officially won,” one fan tweeted after watching the scene. 

Fans have speculated that Archie and Betty will fall in love at the end of season four and their relationship will continue in the upcoming fifth season.

During his interview, KJ even teased Riverdale season five. He didn’t spill any tea, but he did reveal that there’s no plans for upcoming episodes just yet.

“Season five, we’re kind of unsure on what we’re going to be doing,” he said. “I think it would be cool if I was in the army or something — I didn’t go to college and went to the army.”

KJ’s comment added more fuel to the fans’ theory that this most current season will end with a five-year time jump and pick up after the characters went to college.

“A time jump is the best way to do it. They can’t follow them to a bunch of different schools. There will be a mystery/problem that brings them all back to Riverdale after college and the show will continue from there,” one fan speculated on Twitter.

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