Prepare yourselves Riverdale fans because another throwback episode is coming! That’s right, season four is about to go back in time. Fans are already speculating that the episode will explore Archie and Betty’s friendship when they were kids.

This exciting announcement came straight from Riverdale executive producer and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who posted a photo of a young boy and girl lying on the floor next to a record player. Although he didn’t confirm which characters these were, fans were quick to speculate that the girl — with her blonde hair in a ponytail — was a young version of Betty Cooper. They guessed that the boy was her longtime friend and next-door neighbor, Archie Andrews.

“Fun day on set today! [Riverdale], the early years!” Roberto captioned the adorable photo.

Others have said that, due to the boy’s dark hair, there’s no way it’s Archie and he’s more likely to be Kevin Keller — another one of Betty’s close friends. No matter who it is, fans are so excited to see the mini-me versions of their Riverdale stars whenever the episode airs.

As fans know, this came a few weeks after fans speculated that Archie and Betty will fall in love at the end of the series.

As fans know, each new episode of Riverdale has brought a flash-forward scene about Jughead Jones’ possible death. In season four, episode 11, the trend continued. This time, the show jumped to a scene at Pop’s Diner where Betty was crying while sitting alongside her BFF Archie. The blonde beauty told him how she wished Jughead would come back. In what looked like a romantic gesture, Archie grabbed Betty’s hand and promised her that they would get through the heartbreak together. The two characters looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

Previously, showrunner Roberto told Us Weekly that the show “would be a failure” if writers didn’t explore the possibility of “Archie and Betty together romantically” just like in the original comics. Roberto also told the publication that with season four, he hoped to show a love triangle.

“Strangely, on Riverdale, we haven’t played a lot of high school stuff, and we have not played the classic love triangle as much,” he told the publication. “So my hope is that this season we’ll be playing a lot more of the high school stuff and more of the love triangle stuff.”

Some people thing that the flashback episode is set to show the origin of this impending love triangle.

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