Leave it to the Riverdale cast to hilariously troll us all into thinking there’s trouble with one of our fave real-life ships. Yes, we’re taking about Sprousehart and for the record, no, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart haven’t broken up. But Lili and KJ Apa were out here trying to stir up drama, all for some laughs, of course! So here’s what went down:

Some of our fave castmates including Cole, Camila Mendes, and Charles Melton spent Labor Day out on the water, living that boat life. Cami posted a pic of the vacation crew on her Instagram account and that’s when KJ decided to chime in.

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labor day getaway

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In the photo, we see Cole and Cami are sitting next to each other, so KJ, of course, left the comment, “Omg…Coles not sitting next to lili” with some sullen looking emojis.

kj apa instagram comment

And Lili not only just liked Cami’s pic but then replied to KJ’s comment, writing, “they must’ve broken up.”

lili reinhart ig comment

Now, we clearly know they’re just goofing around. KJ was probably lightly teasing them all about the fact that people on social media are quick to flood the comments section of pics and jump to conclusions about the actors’ private lives. Lili wasn’t on this trip and instead went to home to visit her family with her time off from filming, which she did post a little bit about on her Instagram account. But as anyone knows, a couple doesn’t need to spend every waking moment together! And there’s nothing wrong with the fact that Cole and Lili were hanging out with other people who all mean a lot to them. 

Lili saying they might’ve broken up though is pretty hilarious and proves once again how she’s able to just laugh at herself. It’s also a way of her subtly actually confirming she and Cole ARE together as a couple. Although they both have said time and time again they won’t ever comment on their personal lives, it’s super obvious they’re head over heels for each other and now, they’re not really hiding anything anymore.

Oh, and did we mention that their castmates are in on everything, too? This crew is legit family at this point, so the fact that they’re always dragging each other on social media is all out of love and fun and shouldn’t ever be taken seriously. And with this whole Lili and KJ pretending she and Cole have broken up saga, let us not forget to acknowledge Mama Cooper herself, Mädchen Amick, who pretty much told the kids to chill with causing a ruckus on Instagram.

madcheck instagram comment

So yeah, Lili and Cole are still very happily together, in case you were worried there for a second. 

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