Riverdale stars and IRL couple Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have fallen victim to social media hacking, and this is so not okay. Just a couple of days ago, Cole Sprouse’s Twitter was taken over by hackers, and Lili had jumped to his defense.

“Cole’s Twitter has been hacked BTW. F–k people who do that, seriously,” she wrote when it happened, which got the hackers mad. So what did they do? They went after her too. When they took over Lili’s account yesterday, they posted a fake nude photo – and it has been confirmed that the picture was definitely not her.

“Shouldn’t have talked s–t about us, here’s to Lili fans. Found this masterpiece on iCloud,” the hackers wrote alongside the photo that they tried to play off as a nude photo of the actress. Turns out, they even got ahold of Lili’s other social media accounts. Despite how terrible this situation is, it’s nice to see all the fans that jumped to both Cole and Lili’s defense. 

Not only did fans speak out to spread the word that hackers were responsible for the inappropriate comments and fake images, but they also offered their support during this truly unfortunate incident.

Lili’s younger sister Tess even tried to put fans minds at ease during the chaos by posting to her Instagram Stories, letting everyone know that her family is aware of the issue and that her sister is getting everything handled.

lili reinhart sister

Instagram, @tessreinhart

We’re glad Lili and Cole were able to get a hold of the situation and remove the hacker’s tweets. They still haven’t commented on the whole thing – but regardless, we hope this is something they never have to deal with ever again.

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