laWhen it comes to fashion, Lady Gaga has done it all! The singer-turned-actress has tried all the trends over the years, and even created some of her own.

The “Just Dance” musician may be known for her most eccentric looks — like the meat dress at the 2010 MTV VMAs — but she’s also remembered for more glamorous fashion moments — like the gowns during her A Star Is Born press tour in 2018.

One gown which stands out amid the rest is the black dress she wore when winning her first-ever Academy Award in 2019. Lady Gaga paired the dress with a $30 million necklace Tiffany and Co. necklace, which she decided to wear to Taco Bell after the awards ceremony.

“I already thought I had too much security before I put that diamond on. And then I put that diamond on and I was like, ‘Am I the president?’” she joked on the The Graham Norton Show in June 2020. “I didn’t know what was going to happen that night. I was just so happy to be there.”

Once the Oscars came to an end, the “Shallow” singer decided to leave and not tell anyone — necklace in tow.

“Tiffany’s started freaking out. They were like, ‘She’s gone! She left with the diamond!’ I actually went to go hang out with Madonna at her manager’s house. And I got to the house and I was just chilling with Madonna while all these security guards were side-eyeing me from every corner of the room. Every time I hugged someone, they would get a little closer to make sure it was still on,” she recalled. “And then I left and I really wanted to go to Taco Bell. All of a sudden the car got pulled over by Tiffany’s security and it was very politely removed from my neck.”

This particular look may have been one of Gaga’s simpler looks, but it’s still iconic nonetheless.

“I have a love for the avant-garde, but I also have a love for simplicity,” the New York native told Vogue in September 2014. “For me, it’s all about supporting the artists. I think the more artists that support each other, the better the creative world will be. I just love fashion, and I want people to feel the same passion I feel and the same admiration for designers. I weep over hemlines when I receive dresses. I cry over the beading.”

Scroll through our gallery to look back at some of Lady Gaga’s most iconic looks over the years. 

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