She’s not on Disney Channel anymore! Laura Marano has come a long way from her Austin & Ally days, but fans are still hoping for the actress to reprise her role in the near future.

“It was one of the best experiences in my life. I love the cast and crew so much,” the actress told J-14 exclusively in February 2020 about the Disney Channel show, noting that she would be “100 percent” down for a reboot.

The songstress starred alongside Ross Lynch, Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriguez in the show, which aired for four seasons from 2011 to 2016.

“In my head, we would be in some sort of amazing, foreign country,” the Perfect Date actress also told J-14 at the time. “I feel like we can’t do Italy because Lizzie McGuire already did that, but let’s go to England! Or let’s go to Hawaii — that’s not a foreign country but that’s a very beautiful, tropical place. I feel like it would be visually stunning and it would be so fun to hang out with Calum, Rainy and Ross in a vacation spot.”

Prior to her Austin & Ally role, Laura already had a few acting credits under her belt, but it was the musical series that made her a household name.

“I kind of look at that stage with so much gratitude,” she told Entertainment Tonight in April 2019 when talking about the early days of her career. “Of course, there are complications and challenges that come with that, and of course, there are perceptions that follow you because people have certain kind of ideas of what they think you are, of what they think you can do. And that’s hard to break away from that, but I’m so beyond grateful for that chapter of my life. I look at it with such love and such happiness because it was so, so awesome.”

When it came time to grow up and show a new side of herself, Laura looked to music. Over the years, she’s released two EPs — Me in March 2019 and You in October 2020.

“The idea is these are all these different layers and different sides of me, of myself that I want to share with everyone,” the singer told StyleCaster in March 2019. “Sometimes, at least for me, I try to hide certain parts of myself, because for whatever reason. Maybe it’s what I think people want to see. Or it’s easier to put up a certain side of myself. But with this EP comes this idea that we all have different sides of ourselves and every side is as important as the next.”

Scroll through our gallery to see Laura’s transformation over the years. 

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