Everyone loves Hong Eunchae! The K-pop idol has been described as the “most maknae ever” for her adorable and playful personality as the youngest member of Le Sserafim. Keep reading to learn more about Eunchae.

Who Is Eunchae?

Born on November 10, 2006, in Seoul, South Korea, Eunchae’s a Scorpio! She was the last member of Le Sserafim to be added to the group but trained at Source Music for just over a year, before debuting with the group in May 2022 with “Fearless.”

As the youngest member of Le Sserafim, she is known as the “Maknae,” which means “youngest” in Korean. Videos of the K-pop idol often go viral, as everyone around her seems to adore her. She became an MC on the South Korean music broadcasting program Music Bank in February 2023, where she also created her own show titled Eunchae’s Star Diary, where she met with K-pop idols performing at the music program.

Fun fact: Eunchae is super close friends with Huening Bahiyyih from Kep1er, Haruna from Billlie, and Kyujin from NMIXX.

Who Are Le Sserafim?

The K-pop band is the first girl group to debut under BTS‘ label, HYBE, following BTS‘ global success. The members include Hong Eunchae, leader Kim Chaewon, SakuraHuh YunjinKazuha, and former member Kim Garam (who exited the group in July 2022).

Two members, Kim Chaewon and Sakura, were actually already well-known in the K-pop community prior to Le Sserafim, as they were members of a successful K-pop girl group called Iz*one. Their former group was formed in a reality TV competition series called Produce 48 in 2018. Le Sserafim member Yunjin also competed in Produce 48, ultimately did not debut with the band.

Photo by Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images

The members of Le Sserafim are super close, and the girl group is often praised for their sisterly bond. Eunchae spoke about her relationship with each member during an interview with Weverse Magazine in October 2022.

I don’t have an older sister, so I don’t know for sure, but Yunjin treats me just like an older sister would — so much so that our unit name is ‘Sisters,'” Eunchae told the outlet. “[Kazuha] is like a sister and a friend, and [Sakura] is like my mom!”

“Chaewon is more like my goofy best friend,” she continued. “She was actually the most difficult to get close with, to be honest. She’s shy too, and I wondered if we just needed to wait a little before we could open up to each other and become close, and time was indeed the answer. It’s more awkward to keep consciously thinking about trying to get closer with someone, but we spend a ton of time together in the practice studio, so now we mess around with each other all the time and we laugh just by looking at each other.”

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