Such a precious duo! Since welcoming her son, Lea Michele has offered fans plenty of adorable glimpses at her day-to-day life with Ever Leo.

The Glee alum, who has PCOS, previously opened up about her pregnancy journey after having to undergo multiple surgeries that led to her having to be on medication during the healing process.

“Every woman’s journey is different. I feel very grateful that even with PCOS and all of the steps it took in order for me to finally get pregnant, the road wasn’t easy, we feel so blessed to have been given the most incredible gift of our son,” Lea told New Beauty in April 2021.

For the new mom, who welcomed her little one in August 2020 with husband Zandy Reich, it was all about having her family around her.

“I relied a lot on my faith during the process of trying to become pregnant as well as during my pregnancy. I leaned on my family a lot and my husband,” she added at the time. “So, I would just say to lean on those around you and don’t feel like you have to hold everything inside and have faith even though it can be so hard sometimes.”

Although the Scream Queens alum had a difficult journey to motherhood, she shared how the experience changed her life.

“Everything is surprising about motherhood! From your body, to life, to how much you love your baby. For me though, if I had to try and think about the one thing that stands out the most, I would say how it’s hard you can be on yourself,” she told New Beauty. “I’ve always been a very confident person and I’ve always known more than anything in the world that I wanted to be a mom. Yet, despite all the hopes and excitement, what surprised me the most is the amount of insecurity that creeps up daily. It can be very challenging for us moms.”

Four months later, Lea gushed about her son and the bond that they have already managed to form during her birthday tribute to Ever Leo.

“I can’t believe my son is turning 1 tomorrow. Even now saying the words ‘my son’ still feels so unbelievable,” she wrote via Instagram in August 2021. “All of the sayings are true — you will experience a type of love you have never felt before, you will forever be changed, it all goes so fast — they are all so true.”

The Spring Awakening star continued to reflect on having her son in her life.

“My beautiful boy you are the greatest gift god has ever given me and your daddy and I love you so very much,” she detailed. “From your big brown eyes — that look like mine — to your curly blonde hair you got from your daddy. From the big smile you make when we say, ‘big smile!’ to the way your little arms wrap around my neck for a hug.”

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