As Liam Payne‘s son, Bear, gets older, the singer is attempting to teach the toddler his music. But he just admitted that sometimes, the little guy mistakes his songs for Ed Sheeran songs! Oops!

“Sometimes he does get me mixed up with Ed Sheeran,” the One Direction member told People Magazine. “There’s one Ed Sheeran song that he seems to think is mine.”

OK, the two stars do have similar styles of music! The 26-year-old explained that although he hasn’t been able to see his son due to the coronavirus quarantine, they’ve been keeping in touch via FaceTime.

“FaceTime with my son can go any number of ways,” he dished. “I FaceTimed him before and he was on a trampoline in a princess dress with a pair of Wellington shoes on playing the ukulele. And then other times he’s so interested in SpongeBob that his mom will be like, ‘Say hi to Daddy,’ and he’s like, ‘Hi, Daddy.’ And then he’s back in SpongeBob. It’s so funny.”

Liam Payne Bear

“I’d love to see him, but at the same time, I just don’t know if it’s worth the risk,” he added. “You don’t want to take the chance with that sort of thing. You have to be careful.”

He also revealed that when he put on some random music for the 3-year-old, Bear said, “No, Daddy’s music!” How cute is that?!

“I was like, ‘That’s so cool,'” he said. “Like, that’s the coolest thing ever.”

Back in April, the “Strip That Down” crooner opened up about how hard it was to not be with Bear.

“Bear is really good. He is learning a lot more about FaceTime at the moment,” he said during an Instagram Live. “It is difficult not to see him. That has been the hardest part for me. I’m missing him.”

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