YouTuber Logan Paul is in the midst of some major controversy once again. The social media star came under fire on Wednesday, January 29, after he made fun of the dangerous coronavirus on Instagram.

“F**k the coronavirus,” he captioned a shot of him and some friends wearing face masks on a private jet.

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f**k the corona virus

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The coronavirus has already killed 170 people, with more than 7,711 confirmed cases in China. The disease has spread to 15 other countries across the world, including Germany, Japan, Australia, France, India, the U.S. and more — which has led to worldwide concern. In America, there are five cases so far — one in Illinois, one in Washington, one in Arizona and two in California.

Logan quickly received backlash for his “insensitive” post, with one fan writing, “Man this isn’t funny at all. It’s spreading all over the world.”

Logan Paul Coronavirus

“People are dying from the coronavirus. Noting to joke about. Guess he never learns,” another one of his followers commented.

Logan Paul Coronavirus

As fans know, this isn’t the first time the influencer has been slammed for his actions. The vlogger is constantly doing risky and sometimes even illegal things for his videos, but his biggest scandal was probably when he uploaded a video that showed a dead body back in December of 2017. The boxer discovered the unidentified man’s body while hiking in a forest in Japan, but when he was seen laughing about it in the video, his fans, celebrities and other YouTubers were pretty shocked and horrified.

“I had made an inexcusable mistake, completely destroyed my image, lost every professional relationship that I had, became the internet’s favorite meme and, most importantly, had my eyes opened wide to the consequences of my actions,” Logan later said about the situation. “I felt every ounce of disappointment and hate directed at me, and while it was 100 percent my fault, it was critical that I felt all of it.”

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