If you’re not already obsessed with pop duo Loote, then allow us to explain to you the many reasons why you should be, because we guarantee you’re going to love them. See, they’re the masterminds behind tunes you already know and love and their EP is straight fire, with their songs already racking up millions of streams. Made up of BFF duo Jackson Foote and Emma Lov, together, they write some catchy AF tunes that still manage to get you right in the feels, speaking to your emotions. They happen to be two of the artists who co-wrote Demi Lovato and Cheat Codes’ hit, “No Promises.” So yeah, they know a thing or two about making a good song! And their EP, single, proves it.

“It’s really scary and relieving at the same time because I feel like we’ve been sitting on it for a minute at this point, but at the same time, it’s just the beginning for us,” Emma exclusively tells us about the band’s first EP, while we caught up with them backstage of their performance at the St. Ives Mixing Bar in New York City. “Jackson’s worked so hard on all this stuff. We write the whole song, we spend however much time we spend on it, and then Jackson is posted up in the studio producing it. He would be in his little cave on hours on end.”

Their first EP consists of seven tracks, with a feature from Joe Jonas himself on one of the tunes. And “Your Side of the Bed” is a total jam that was inspired by a former relationship Emma was in, so she took her heartbreak and made a catchy song about it. Queen. But it’s their song, “IDK Single” they feel most represents them as a duo.

“We each have our own little song babies on the EP, but [the song that most represents us together] is probably ‘IDK Single’. That’s the one that we’re so closely in the same mindset, seeing each other get out of relationships and go back to the single world. I went through it and then I saw her go through it,” Jackson explained to J-14.

“We had never gone through it at the same time and for the first time, we had been through it together, which is different than you being sad and me being with someone or like me being upset and you being happy,” Emma added. “IDK Single’ is definitely the middle ground for the two of us and it’s where we are one person even though we’re two separate people.”

Okay seriously, how great are they? They really are best friends who get to live out their dreams together, and there’s nothing better than that. Jackson and Emma met in school when they worked on a songwriting project together, and well, the rest is history. Together, along with their good bud, another singer/songwriter totally slaying the game right now, Lauv, they wrote “No Promises” and whenever the trio gets together, they end up making music. Whether the world ends up hearing these songs is another story!

“We’ve probably written like six or seven songs with him over the last few years,” Jackson said. “Whenever we’re in L.A., we’ll usually hang out and then go in and write too. For ‘No Promises,’ he was in New York and we’re like, ‘let’s go in and write’ and it just happened.”

It’s basically like the songs just pour right of them all! We have a feeling big things are in store for Loote. They’re just getting started out here.

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